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16 Sep , 2015,
Aleksandar Balaban
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As part of ATIEC 2015, our aviation consultant Aleksandar Balaban presented the concept of “Aeronautical Data Validation as a Service”. The FAA annual Air Traffic Information Exchange Conference took place on August 25-27 2015 at Silver Spring, Washington D.C.

The talk began with a snapshot of the SWIM technical infrastructure landscape and the aeronautical data quality: there are different reasons for data validation and several different approaches to implement it. There is also a demand to provide data validation and business rule enforcement functionalities as a costly efficient SWIM enabled service (SaaS).

Aleks then provided an overview of the work done in the previous OGC Testbed 11, the emerging standard in the area of declarative validation, as well as standardised service endpoints that will meet this interest. He then illustrated the way a declarative validation software component might be exposed to consumers using a web service endpoint.

View the presentation “Aeronautical Data Validation as a Service”.

AIXM Validation as a Service at ATIEC 2015

6 Aug , 2015,
Aleksandar Balaban
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The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in partnership with the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL), will host the 2015 Air Transportation Information Exchange Conference (ATIEC) on August 25-27, 2015 at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Auditorium and Science Center in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. m-click.aero has been invited to present results of collaborative work performed together with Eurocontrol and Interactive Instruments in the OGC Testbed 11 regarding the validation of aeronautical data with focus on AIXM validation as a service.


AIXM Validator Web Interface

The presentation will demonstrate the feasibility of automated, service based validation of aeronautical information represented using AIXM. The validation is based on a set of AIXM business rules that are expressed in structured English, following a profile of the Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR). The business rules were mostly automatically converted into a set of Schematron rules. Another component, the rule validation engine, can read these rules and use them to validate AIXM data. The functionality of the validation engine is made available using the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) interface. It can be integrated into information workflows that require the verification/validation of data, and is therefore suited to fulfill such needs for both data providers and users.

Photo on 13-06-14 at 10.03Our speaker at ATIEC 2015 conference, Aleksandar Balaban, is an independent ATM consultant located in Berlin, Germany. He received his Graduate Degree in Computer Technology from the Vienna University of Technology and has been working in the field of aeronautical information systems for almost 8 years. He was collaborating on the design and development of European Aeronautical database (EAD), which has been maintaining and continuously developing on behalf of Eurocontrol. Aleks’s experience ranges from software and data engineering to ATM systems definition and implementation utilising the concept of System Wide Information Management (SWIM). In September 2011 he joined the team participating in Europe’s most ambitious research and development programme, SESAR. As contributor and task leader he was participating in sub projects regarding the system wide information management (SWIM), aeronautical services and Digital NOTAM and Digital Briefing applications. He was also participating in the ongoing work on the OGC PubSub 1.0 project and for m-click.aero in the OGC Testbed 11. Aleksandar can be contacted at aleksandar.balaban (at) m-click.aero