Roundtable ‘Where’s the Money? Disruptive Business Models in GIS and Aviation Industry’

3. Feb. 2016

We are glad to announce that our aviation consultant Aleks Balaban is going to hold a short presentation regarding the business opportunities and disruptive business models and technologies in the geospatial industry with focus on the aviation sector. We are very excited to provide our point of view and exchange experiences with discussion participants.
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OGC Testbed 12 – Kick-Off Meeting

25. Jan. 2016

ogc-logo Together with some of the most renowned companies and organisations in the GIS and aviation sector the team has been chosen to contribute to the OGC Testbed-12 Aviation Thread, which has been kicked off last week in Washington D.C. and is planned to run until the end of the September 2016. We will be working together with Galdos Inc., Harris Corp., Snowflake, 52° North, Luciad and MIT to help to align the OGC standards and the requirements from aeronautical traffic management.
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SESAR SWIM Master Class 2015

13. Dec. 2015
SESAR SWIM Master Class 2015 Winners

SESAR SWIM Master Class 2015 Winners

We are very proud to share that was awarded second finalist in the category ATM services during the SESAR SWIM Master Class 2015 final event last week in Brussels. For the first time in the history of Master Class two prototypes have received equal number of votes, therefore the’s proposal shares second place with FlightAware. Congratulations to EUMETNET and Frequentis AG for the Best-in-Class award this year!
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Free Premium Access to AIXM Validaton Service for SWIM Master Class 2015 Participants

2. Oct. 2015 is a very enthusiastic supporter of activities in the field of aeronautical data quality ensurement. Earlier this year, we have launched a test version of the first public web based AIXM Validation Service avaliable as both a web application and a SWIM yellow profile compatible REST service. Now, we are glad to announce that the Premium Access to AIXM Validaton Service will be grant for free for all participants of the SWIM Master Class 2015.
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AIXM WFS and WPS Services – GML Applications in Aviation

29. Sep. 2015

The solution stack of the Aviation Suite product, which has been utilised in a number of research and commercial projects is based on the deegree framework. Deegree is a GML compatible, open source geographic information system developed to persist, manage, transform and expose all kinds of geographical data. Our Aviation Suite uses unique features of the deegree framework, such as document based data repository, additionally introducting extensions for aviation data formats.
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Aeronautical Data Validation as a Service

16. Sep. 2015

As part of ATIEC 2015, our aviation consultant Aleksandar Balaban presented the concept of “Aeronautical Data Validation as a Service”. The FAA annual Air Traffic Information Exchange Conference took place on August 25-27 2015 at Silver Spring, Washington D.C.
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AIXM Validation as a Service – ATIEC 2015

6. Aug. 2015 has been invited to present results of collaborative work performed together with Eurocontrol and Interactive Instruments in the OGC Testbed 11 regarding the validation of aeronautical data with focus on AIXM validation as a service.
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OGC Testbed 11 – The Aviation Thread

19. Jun. 2015

SESAR logo

Together with several other organisations from both Europe and the USA has been chosen to contribute in the OGC Testbed 11 Aviation Thread, which has started in February 2015 and was successfully finished in the middle of June 2015. Collaborating with partners from Luciad, Snowflake Software and Interactive Systems, we worked on tasks building upon results of previous OGC testbeds.
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Showcase at SWIM Master Class 2015 Kickoff

17. Jun. 2015

SESAR logoThe SWIM Master Class 2015 Kickoff event will take place at EUROCONTROL, Brussels on 23. June 2015. At the showcase in the exhibition area, m-click will present the AIXM Data Framework and Aviation Client.
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Aleksandar Balaban joined m-click as an Aviation Consultant

26. Mar. 2015 is pleased to announce that Aleksandar Balaban joined our team of Aeronautical Experts as an Aviation Consultant. Aleks will provide consulting activities to our customers with advanced knowledge of ATM processes and AIM concepts. With his strong background in the Aviation industry including SESAR and SWIM projects he supports our research activities in OGC Testbed 11.
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Mastering the Temporality in Aviation Data

16. Dec. 2014

SESAR logom-click presents the WFS Temporality Extension at the SWIM Master Class 2014 “Best in Class Ceremony and Exhibition” at EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels.
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SWIM Master Class 2014 – Best in Class Ceremony

11. Nov. 2014

SESAR logom-click will attend the SESAR SWIM Master Class 2014 “Best in Class Ceremony and Exhibition” on 11. December 2014 at EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels.
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Donlon AIXM Data Maintenance

13. Oct. 2014 starts to maintain the Donlon AIXM Data on github.
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AIXM Validator for SWIM Master Class 2014

23. Jun. 2014

SESAR logoAs part of the SWIM Master Class 2014, the m-click team presented the AIXM Validator that will be provided as a free SWIM Service for all Master Class participants.
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Digital NOTAM Workshop 2014

15. May. 2014

As part of the Digital NOTAM workshop, the m-click team presents the AIXM Validator and the latest developments in AIXM and FIXM WFS.
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