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Donlon Data Maintainance

The Donlon Data set describes a fictitious airport and the surrounding airspace, located somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic. It is derived from the similar content of the ICAO AIP Template (Doc 8126), complemented with additional data items (such as Runway/Taxiway Elements), to make it more realistic as AIXM data set. See Donlon data […]

13 Oct, 2014 Matthias Pohl

AIXM Validator for SWIM Master Class 2014

As part of the SWIM Master Class 2014, the m-click team presented the AIXM Validator that will be provided as a free SWIM Service for all Master Class participants. Find more information on the SWIM Master Class and the presentation slides at SWIM Master Class 2014

23 Jun, 2014 Matthias Pohl

Digital NOTAM Workshop 2014

As part of the Digital NOTAM workshop, the m-click team presents the AIXM Validator and the latest developments in AIXM and FIXM WFS. Find more information and the presentation slides at Digital NOTAM Workshop

15 May, 2014 Matthias Pohl