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We are ambitious to play an important role in contributing to a modernized aeronautical information management world which meets the safety, capacity and performance challenges of the aviation in the 21st century. This is the driver for our intensive engagement in Research and Development.

Awards, Publications and Whitepapers

2016 ATCA Journal Aleksandar Balaban, Charles Chen:
“Standards for Data Quality Assurance in ATM Modernization Initiatives”, published in ATCA Journal Winter Issue 2015
2016 OGC Testbed-12 FIXM/GML ER and FIXM/GML Service Component
Asynchronus Messaging ER
Aviation Semantics ER
Aviation Cyber Security ER
AIXM WFS-TE Component
AMXM WFS Component
Aviation Thread Architecture ER
2015 SWIM Master Class Award 2015 Aeronautical Data Validation Platform
Awarded as second Finalist
2015-08-16 ATIEC 2015 Aleksandar Balaban “Data Validation as a Service”
This presentation demonstrates the feasibility of automated, service based validation of aeronautical information represented using AIXM.
2015 OGC Testbed-11 D-NOTAM Enrichment and Validation ER Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24
D-NOTAM Enrichment Component
AIXM WFS-TE Component
AFX WFS Component
Aviation Thread Architecture ER Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24
Video: OGC Testbed 11, Overview VideoStart
Video: Transatlantic Flight using Data Broker on AIXM VideoStart
Video: Runway closed – D-NOTAM Enrichment and Validation VideoStart
2014 OGC Testbed-10 FIXM/GML WFS-T Service Component
AIXM WFS-T Service Component
Aviation Thread Architecture ER
2012 SWIM Master Class Award 2012 AIXM Web Processing Service
Awarded as second Finalist
2010 AIXM 5.1 Contribution to the supporting document “Feature Identification and Reference – use of xlink:href and UUID”, published on the website. Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24