World ATM Congress 2017 at World ATM Congress 2017, Madrid

18 Jan , 2017,
Matthias Pohl
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We invite you to visit GmbH at the World ATM Congress 2017, stand #137 and explore our on-premise and cloud-based solutions designed to support AIM workflows of all aviation stakeholders. Let’s give an introduction in our software components and web services and demonstrate how we enable our customers to seamlessly collaborate via SWIM providing and consuming aeronautical, weather and flight information, while ensuring the high quality of exchanged data.

Easy-to-start and cost-effective, the components and services from our product portfolio fully support stakeholders demand for consolidated information in “the right place at the right time” giving them the efficiency and flexibility required for future aviation IT solutions.

  • Aeronautical Data Repository – The AIXM Data Base.
  • Powerful and scalable data repository for modern aviation data formats (AIXM, FIXM, IWXXM, AMXM)
  • Innovative XML backend technology
  • Covers the complete data history
  • Connectors to a wide range of data providers
  • Accessible via innovative OGC WFS-TE Temporality Extension and advanced GeoJSON API
  • B2B Gateway for EUROCONTROL NM Data
  • B2B Gateway for Digital NOTAM Data
  • Aviation Client based on LuciadRIA
  • Award winning Aeronautical Data Validation Platform

Please contact our aviation experts at to arrange a meeting during the show. At the World ATM Congress 2017 in Madrid you will find at stand #137.

Participation at the World ATM Congress 2017 was funded by the European Regional Development Fund – go international! Senate Department for Economics, Technologiy and Research.