OGC Testbed 13 dedicated to Quality of Data

16 May , 2017,
Matthias Pohl
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Testbed 13 is the name of the current OGC compatibility program initiative, which has been kicked-off last week during the meeting organized by OGC and held at USGS in Reston near Washington DC. m-click.aero participates in testbed 13 working on the topic dedicated to aeronautical data quality of service.

This year’s Testbed lacks one of the major sponsors from the aviation domain, so the aviation thread only counts four engineering reports dedicated to aviation topics. Three of them are related to the quality of aeronautical data (requirements and specification, formal model and service implementation). The fourth ER deals with the semantic description of geospatial service characteristics.

Having said that, this year m-click.aero was awarded to be the main editor of an engineering report dedicated to architecture, design and development of a common purpose data quality assessment service (DQOS). Such service is planned to be used as intermediary component utilized to assess the overall quality of data, which an observed service instance claims to be capable to provide.

m-click.aero has lots of experiences with aeronautical data validation. On behalf of Eurocontrol and FAA we were working on different aspects of aeronautical data quality and were exploring the way of how to specify the data validation rules and enforce them in the aviation domain. Our award winning aviation data validation platform was developed and put in operational use as outcome of those activities as one of the first aviation data analysis services available on the web. This year however, the focus was set to a more general approach and broader meaning of data quality. Having said that, the theoretical work will be conducted by engineering reports dedicated to the quality of data requirements specification and assessment model, while our report will deal with the implementation part.

We are looking forward for the fruitful, successful collaboration with testbed’s participants, sponsors from FAA and the OGC staff.