Aeronautical Data Validation as a Service

16. Sep. 2015

As part of ATIEC 2015, our aviation consultant Aleksandar Balaban presented the concept of “Aeronautical Data Validation as a Service”. The FAA annual Air Traffic Information Exchange Conference took place on August 25-27 2015 at Silver Spring, Washington D.C.

The talk began with a snapshot of the SWIM technical infrastructure landscape and the aeronautical data quality: there are different reasons for data validation and several different approaches to implement it. There is also a demand to provide data validation and business rule enforcement functionalities as a costly efficient SWIM enabled service (SaaS).

Aleks then provided an overview of the work done in the previous OGC Testbed 11, the emerging standard in the area of declarative validation, as well as standardised service endpoints that will meet this interest. He then illustrated the way a declarative validation software component might be exposed to consumers using a web service endpoint.

View the presentation “Aeronautical Data Validation as a Service”.