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The AIM department of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH creates AIP documents and charts from aeronautical data. For this purpose, data sets from various sources are aggregated and edited. The existing processes are to be fully automated with a new aeronautical information management system.

With the use of the Aeronautical Data Repository, the AIXM processing chain from importing and analyzing the data to creating the AIP text pages and airport charts is converted into a modern data processing and architecture concept for AIXM 5.1-based data sources.

The system has a large number of import and export interfaces in order to be seamlessly integrated into the existing data landscape. A technological highlight is the Data Driven Mapping Engine, with the help of which the imported AIXM features are prepared for storage in the database and further processing in the AIP text and chart module.

The details of the AIP publication (AIRAC and AMDT) are controlled via a web-based interface, and additions to the automatically generated AIP documents and charts can also be added.

As part of this project, the AIXM Aeronautical Data Repository (ADR) with AIP and Chart module was configured and put into operation for the needs and requirements of DFS for processing airport data.

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