d-NOTAM – Digitalization in aviation

3. Feb. 2021

The d-NOTAM project started on 01.12.2020. It is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure within the scope of the funding guideline Modernity Fund (mFUND).

d-NOTAM LogoThe aim of the project is to develop software assistance using the available basic data of the aeronautical infrastructure in order to completely digitize the NOTAM process. The NOTAMs can be processed automatically and displayed in a pilot’s “navigation device” (Electronic Flight Bag – EFB). This reduces not only the risk of missing important NOTAMs, but also the pilot’s workload in flight planning to a considerable extent.
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13. Nov. 2020

Welcome to the booth of and Skyconseil at the virtual event “Aircraft Commerce 2020”. My name is Matthias Pohl, the CEO and founder of I would like to guide you to the places on our website where you can learn all about GUIDOR and CLOUD4.AERO.
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OGC Testbed 16 – Dedicated to Advanced Data Centric Security

6. Apr. 2020

The OGC Testbed is an annual research and development program that explores geospatial technology from various angles. OGC Testbed 16 is the name of this year’s OGC Testbed, which has been started in the middle of April 2020, for the first time without kick-off meeting in Washington D.C., due to disruption caused by the current COVID-19 pandemie. This year GmbH was awarded to participate in the OGC’s testbed initiative collaborating on the task dedicated to the advanced Data Centric Security (DCS).
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MasterMAN iRoom: Intelligent Roster Optimization

23. Feb. 2018

We are excited to introduce MasterMAN™ iRoom, a brand new tool for the deployment planning of Air Traffic Controllers. The tool is fully configurable and tailored to the needs of small to medium sized airports by using flight plan and real-time data for the roster optimization.
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Introducing the future of flight optimization: GUIDOR by Skyconseil

24. Nov. 2017

In a demanding market, cost optimization has become a crucial stake for most airlines. Being competitive, reducing emissions and increasing safety are core tasks of the aviation industry in the 21st century. Cost related flight optimization demands efficiency all along the flight cycle.
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10. Nov. 2017

On November 9, became full member of EUROCAE, the leading European aviation standardization body. EUROCAE is a non profit organization and works on harmonized standards for the realization of the Single European Sky.
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Day of Aviation and Aerospace Industry in Berlin-Brandenburg

10. Nov. 2017, the Aviation Software Company, participated at the 13th Day of Aviation and Aerospace Industry – Tag der Luft- und Raumfahrt – in Berlin-Brandenburg at TH Wildau.
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OGC Testbed 13 – Dedicated to Quality of Data

16. May. 2017

Testbed 13 is the name of the current OGC compatibility program initiative, which has been kicked-off last week during the meeting organized by OGC and held at USGS in Reston near Washington DC. participates in Testbed 13 working on the topic dedicated to aeronautical data quality of service.
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8. Mar. 2017 GmbH and HFC Human-Factors-Consult GmbH will cooperate in order to provide state of the art situational awareness services for aeronautical traffic management in multiple airport control.
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18. Jan. 2017

We invite you to visit GmbH at the World ATM Congress 2017, stand #137 and explore our on-premise and cloud-based solutions designed to support AIM workflows of all aviation stakeholders. Let’s give an introduction in our software components and web services and demonstrate how we enable our customers to seamlessly collaborate via SWIM providing and consuming aeronautical, weather and flight information, while ensuring the high quality of exchanged data.
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MINT-Association Berlin: ATM in the Education – We are thinking ahead!

22. Jun. 2016

On the 21. of June 2016 » GmbH« took part in the first network meeting of the „Berlin MINT-Association Studentships Germany” at the „Beuth-Hochschule für Technik” in Berlin. We support this project as a IT-Enterprise by giving the students a chance to participate in one of our actual software projects.
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SESAR SWIM Global Demo in Rome

23. May. 2016 was awarded to showcase the Aeronautical Data Validation Platform at the SESAR SWIM Global Demo in Rome that takes place on 08. and 09. June 2016 at the ENAV Prototype Systems Center – Rome ACC.
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22. May. 2016

We invite you to visit us at ILA Berlin Airshow and Business Days 2016 and explore our on-premise and cloud-based solutions designed to support workflows of all aviation stakeholders. Let us talk about aviation data, business opportunities and cooperation in international projects.
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Validation of iWXXM Formatted OPMET Messages

4. Mar. 2016

We are proud to announce that our award winning aeronautical data validator platform now fully supports the schematron business rules for validation of iWXXM formatted Operational aeronautical meteorological (OPMET) messages. At present, the iWXXM business rules we use for validation enforces compliance with lot of aspects of Annex 3 of Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation.
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8. Feb. 2016

We invite you to visit us at stand #1163C and explore our on-premise and cloud-based solutions designed to support workflows of all aviation stakeholders.
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