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SWIM Master Class 2014 – Best in Class Ceremony

11. Nov. 2014

SESAR logom-click will attend the SESAR SWIM Master Class 2014 “Best in Class Ceremony and Exhibition” on 11. December 2014 at EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels.
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Donlon AIXM Data Maintenance

13. Oct. 2014 starts to maintain the Donlon AIXM Data on github.
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AIXM Validator for SWIM Master Class 2014

23. Jun. 2014

SESAR logoAs part of the SWIM Master Class 2014, the m-click team presented the AIXM Validator that will be provided as a free SWIM Service for all Master Class participants.
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Digital NOTAM Workshop 2014

15. May. 2014

As part of the Digital NOTAM workshop, the m-click team presents the AIXM Validator and the latest developments in AIXM and FIXM WFS.
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GML API for processing of AIXM data

27. Feb. 2014

deegree-logoThe processing of AIXM, FIXM, WXXM and INSPIRE data succeed easily with the powerful GML API (deegree) that is used in the m-click applications.

The m-click team provides the appropriate software support for your project. Various support packages are available. Please contact the sales department. received SIBB membership

27. Apr. 2013

sibb-logo received SIBB membership. The SIBB e.V. is an association for companies in the IT and Internet industry within Berlin and Brandenburg, connecting industry players and representing their interests in politics and society. They provide an active exchange across industry boundaries, with firms and business beyond the realm of IT.
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