Free Premium Access to AIXM Validaton Service for SWIM Master Class 2015 Participants

2. Oct. 2015 is a very enthusiastic supporter of activities in the field of aeronautical data quality ensurement. Earlier this year, we have launched a test version of the first public web based AIXM Validation Service avaliable as both a web application and a SWIM yellow profile compatible REST service. Now, we are glad to announce that the Premium Access to AIXM Validaton Service will be grant for free for all participants of the SWIM Master Class 2015.

In order to improve the quality of information used during the Master Class, it would be very beneficial if master class participants would test their data sets against the most extensive set of validation rules provided for AIXM 5.1. Don’t forget, the data validation ability is one of the most essential SWIM infrastructure features! Take advantages of SWIM technical infrastructure, use web based validation service for free to ensure highest possible data quality: