Presenting the OGC WFS Temporality Extension

Mastering the Temporality in Aviation Data

16. Dec. 2014

SESAR logom-click presents the WFS Temporality Extension at the SWIM Master Class 2014 “Best in Class Ceremony and Exhibition” at EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels.

We presented our SWIM Master Class submission, that is entitled “Distributing Aviation Data using a Temporality-Enabled WFS (WFS-TE)”, to the interested audience. We demonstrated how aviation data repositories, loaded with a huge amount of data from all last year’s AIRACs, are now directly accessible in the spatial and temporal dimension with a single ad hoc WFS request. This is now possible, using the new developed “Temporality-Enabled” OGC compliant AIXM Web Feature Service (WFS-TE).

For more information on the m-click WFS Solutions and the OGC WFS Temporality Extension, please contact Matthias Pohl.