SESAR SWIM Master Class 2015

13. Dec. 2015
SESAR SWIM Master Class 2015 Winners

SESAR SWIM Master Class 2015 Winners

We are very proud to share that was awarded second finalist in the category ATM services during the SESAR SWIM Master Class 2015 final event last week in Brussels. For the first time in the history of Master Class two prototypes have received equal number of votes, therefore the’s proposal shares second place with FlightAware. Congratulations to EUMETNET and Frequentis AG for the Best-in-Class award this year!

This Master Class was a big success for us considering the fact that our company is not directly involved in the SESAR program. In accordance with our attitude to push the envelope and regularly leave our comfort zone, we have competed with our brand new Aviation Data Validation Platform, a solution for data quality ensurement, which clearly went beyond standard SWIM enabled ATM applications and services. Team at SESAR SWIM Master Class 2015 Team

Our Aviation Data Validation Platform has numerous unique capabilities. Built on the results of previous activities at Eurocontrol and during the OGC Testbeds 10 and 11, we put a lot of knowledge and technology together and proposed a cloud based aviation validation service aware of SWIM AIRM an ISRM data models and capable to deliver reports regarding aviation document’s SWIM compliance and logical consistency. On this validation platform (deployed either in cloud or on-premises) SWIM users can execute quality checks for any kind of aeronautical data verifying it against standard data models and validation rules. Users can also create custom validations for the most diverse business cases.

Our contribution demonstrates the real benefits when ATM service providers and consumers met up in the SWIM technical infrastructure.


Validation Web Client

The platform is easy to use, performant, reliable and cost-efficient. Even more, our users can take advantage not only from predefined validation schemas but could also define their own application specific business rules and enforce them.

Go to Aviation Data Validation Platform and check how we can assist you in the effort to increase and maintain the quality of aeronautical data.